Tyler Perry and Tiffany Haddish somber at film premiere

Published 10-29-2018

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NEW YORK (AP) - At the world premiere of his new film, "Nobody's Fool," Tyler Perry hoped that "good people" from all backgrounds will "step up and do the right thing" to end the divisive speech that many believe has led to violence.

Perry expressed his anger before a screening of his film in New York on Sunday. He denounced "people using their microphone and platform for division."

He continued: "Black, white, Republican, Democrat, gay, straight - step up, vote, do the right thing to make sure that this kind of voice and rhetoric is extinguished."

Perry was reeling from violent events over the last few days, including 11 people killed after a gunman opened fire in a Pittsburgh synagogue and pipe bombs sent to prominent figures and media outlets.

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