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For all that I love about Pittsburgh, the city lacks a retail front. Although I have been to the Strip District hundreds of times over the years, it seems that every time I visit, I discover a new store worth exploring and shopping for. So if you see an interesting store walking through the Strip District, do yourself no favors and leave immediately.

Then, north of Pittsburgh, head to Grove City Premium Outlets, where you'll find some of my favorite brands, including Coach, Longaberger and Nautica. They offer a wide range of products at retail prices that you won't find in any shopping mall.

In addition, there are many shops that are tailored to your personal needs, as well as food and beverages, including PNC Bank, which is perfect for all your banking needs as you wander through the floors of the mall. Be sure to visit Bakery Square, where you will find unique shops and restaurants.

There are a few additional shops in the area that are worth visiting, but you will probably prefer to drive there instead of walking. If you have time, visit the Pittsburgh Public Library and the Pittsburgh Museum of Art. Check out our other Pittsburgh city guides, and if you're looking for more things to do in Pittsburgh in general, click on the previous links for some of our favorite places.

With exhibits ranging from the earliest settlements in the region to modern inventions and personalities that emerged from the city, there is no better museum to learn about Pittsburgh and the surrounding region from outside the city than the Pittsburgh Museum of Art.

You will find it hard to find a better selection of international shopping in the city, and if you are looking for specialties from abroad, this is the first place worth visiting. In addition to the procurement of furniture, they also offer a wide selection of clothing and accessories as well as jewelry and home accessories. They are venues and are good for collecting gifts and souvenirs, but you will find it harder to find better collections for international shopping in this city than in this one.

Finally, for those who want to stay in the Strip District, I highly recommend the Hampton Inn & Suites, the only downtown hotel with free parking and one of the best hotels in Pittsburgh with a wide selection of restaurants and shops. There is also an additional hotel, the Homewood Suite, if you feel comfortable with it.

Also nearby downtown is the Pittsburgh Convention Center, the largest convention center in the United States. Get ready for queues at this location, as it is one of the busiest and most popular shopping streets in Pittsburgh with over 1,000 shops and restaurants.

Located on Station Square Drive, right on the river in the heart of Pittsburgh, this hotel is one of the safest shopping malls in Pittsburgh. Security vehicles patrol the grounds, making it a great place to relax and unwind after a long day of shopping. A highlight of this shopping centre is its outdoor terrace, where you can relax, unwind or work from the comfort of your home or office.

This is definitely the perfect shopping center for families, where all members can find the best family shops. This convenient location is located under the university belt and is easily accessible from the city and ideal for parents who bring their children to school. Mall Robinson surpasses all other malls in terms of shopping experience, with a variety of stores and a built-in parking. A convenient place to cater for all your shopping needs, this is right in the heart of Pittsburgh, just a few blocks from downtown.

Grab a snack in the subway, Qdoba and many others and you are the perfect stop at this mall after a long day in Pittsburgh. This retail center is located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the university belt. However, it is worth noting that when you visit one of Pittsburgh's most popular shopping malls, such as Wal-Mart, you will find free parking on the street.

Urban Outfitters, Benetton and Cole Haan are some of the area's well-known retailers, but there are also specialty stores, ranging from cigar shops to spa and music stores. There is a cinema with 10 screens and stores such as Sears, Macy's, Target, Nordstrom, Home Depot and Build-A-Bear.

Use this list to find the perfect one for the whole family during your stay in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. You will find a variety of one - or - a - friendly gifts that you won't find elsewhere in Pittsburgh.

Get ready to shop with us by dropping in on our top five and shopping for the perfect gifts for your family during your stay in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Lotus Noodle is located at the other end of the Strip District and offers prices that exceed most major grocery stores nearby. Unlike wholesale kitchen supply stores, this is usually a local restaurant, and each product in the store has individual prices, making it the first store you should visit to shop in the kitchen. This restaurant and fish market offers a wide selection of sushi specialties that will not overwhelm the bank. To reach 84 shops and 14 restaurants that include a variety of seafood, fish, meat, poultry, dairy, eggs and dairy products, you will need to drag yourself to the nearest grocery store.

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