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Tropicana Atlantic City is a luxury beachfront hotel located near the promenade, just blocks from the Atlantic Ocean and the New York City skyline.

The hotel also offers free shuttles anywhere within a two-mile radius, and you now have the option of walking about a mile - and a half - to several colleges in the city, including Pitt and Carnegie Mellon. Located in Ross Township, just outside Pittsburgh, Ross Park Mall offers ample accommodations for personal and group shopping when traveling to the surrounding area. Located just blocks from the University of Pennsylvania campus, it is known as one of the largest shopping centers in North America, with more than 1,000 shops, restaurants, shops and restaurants.

If you're looking for something to see and do in the area, you might want to visit PNC Park and Rivers Casino. You can also visit the Pittsburgh Museum of Art, Carnegie Mellon University Museum and University of Pittsburgh, all of which can be visited during a visit to P NC Park & Rivers Casino.

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The rooms are quite comfortable, although I could take a better pillow, and many of the rooms have views of downtown Pittsburgh and the Allegheny County Courthouse. The big surprise at this hotel is that the room numbers, which end between 5 and 11, offer breathtaking views of the Pittsburgh skyline. Some of these straight rooms have varying views of PNC Park, but some others also offer partial views of downtown skyscrapers. As with the Hampton Inn chain, some of our rooms were at the larger end, so they may not offer views of downtown, much to our chagrin.

If the location is not enough to convince you, the benefits of free parking for guests on site are taken advantage of, as it is the only hotel in the city centre with free parking, and the hotel claims that it is worth both the ambience and the function. Take a look at the fact that they offer free access to select locations in downtown Pittsburgh, including most professional sports events, and your dollars can stretch quite a way. While this hotel may not be in sight for most Pittsburgh visitors, it's all about finding a hotel that's worth the ambience and function, even if it's not in most Pittsburgh attractions.

Of all hotel chains, the Hampton Inn Green Tree is about as standard as they come, and it is one of the most cost-intensive - and effective - in the region. All in all, this property may be the most expensive hotel in southwest Pennsylvania, and the room experience doesn't come cheap. However, due to its location outside the city, the hotel can be considered one of the more expensive hotels in southwest Pennsylvania.

Visitors to the Pittsburgh Penguins games will love this hotel, as the SpringHill Suites North Shore is literally across the street from the stadium. This is the only full-service restaurant and bar hotel in the area and is also one of the most expensive hotels in southwest Pennsylvania.

When it opened in 1916, it was considered one of the grandest hotels in America and served as home to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Army Air Force. It was built on the site of a former train station at the intersection of South Market Street and North Main Street in downtown Pittsburgh.

If you're looking for the most unique view of Pittsburgh you can have, Embassy Suites Downtown Pittsburgh is the place for you. If you are looking for a centrally located hotel with amenities such as a full dining area and easy access to the Strip District, and want to explore Pittsburgh by car, stay here. The Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh, outside its core area, is a relatively basic hotel offering plenty of parking (when for sale) and great views of downtown Pittsburgh. T Station is just a few blocks from the main entrance of the hotel, so if you want to explore Pittsburgh and be closer to Pittsburgh without driving or visiting Pittsburgh by car, you'll have to look elsewhere in the city, but you want the best views in Pittsburgh and you'll want it when it's close to a T Station.

If you're staying here, if you're attending a Penguins game and don't mind staying at a mid-price downtown hotel, the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh offers plenty of parking and great views of downtown Pittsburgh.

If you're coming from a store in East Liberty and looking for a quality room or want to explore the downtown Strip District by car, stay here. If you're looking for a trendy hotel outside the city center, this hotel is a great choice for those traveling for business or exploring the Strip District on their own. For those who want to stay in a hotel in a trendy, just-out-of-town real area of the city, the Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh is an attractive hotel.

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