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The newly renovated Residence Inn Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Hilton Hotel is a long-stay hotel on the north coast of Pittsburgh. The 105-room hotel is located on the site of the former Pitt-Carnegie Mellon University campus. It features a full-service restaurant, bar and hair salon, as well as a fitness centre and gym. About a mile - and a half - walk from several colleges in the city, including Pitt and Carnegie Mellon, the hotel also offers free shuttles anywhere within 3 miles, but they are suddenly closed.

The Penguins, Steelers and Pirates games are all within easy reach of I-376, and visitors to the Pittsburgh Penguins games will love this hotel as downtown Pittsburgh is only 10 miles away. Located in the heart of downtown Pittsburgh, this hotel is just blocks from the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon.

This inn is located in the former home of George Lucas, one of the most famous and beloved figures in Pittsburgh history. William Lucas and his wife Mary were born in this inn, as were many other famous personalities of the city.

Visit Heinz Field (PNC Park) for one of the most popular sporting events in the world, the Pittsburgh Steelers versus the New York Yankees. The Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Red Wings, to name a few, as well as many others.

Below is a list of hotels that you should consider when visiting southwestern Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is home to some of the best hotels in the United States, and 76 of them are located here at the Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel.

The Hampton Inn Suites Downtown is located right in the heart of the city, offering easy access to busy areas with a short walk. Many of Pittsburgh's most popular restaurants, bars and shopping centers are within walking distance of the hotel. The hotel, located just blocks from the Allegheny County Convention Center and set to open in 2020, is available for a one-night stay for $1,000 per night or $2,500 per month. It is a flight from downtown Pittsburgh, which is located on the west side of downtown at the corner of East Market Street and South Washington Street, but it is only about two hours drive from Pittsburgh International Airport.

Although the hotel is out of sight for most visitors to Pittsburgh and may not be worth as much as the event, they come together so it's worth it for both ambience and function.

If you are looking for a mid-price downtown hotel and a centrally located hotel with amenities such as a full dining area, be close to the Strip District. If you want the best views of Pittsburgh and don't mind being a few miles from downtown or downtown, consider staying at an Allegheny County Convention and Visitors Bureau hotel. If you want to explore Pittsburgh by car, or come to the Penguins "games, or stay in a hotel near a T-station, stay here. Should you stay here and if so, which hotel should you consider?

If you're looking for one of the most unique views of Pittsburgh you can have, Embassy Suites Downtown Pittsburgh is just that. They offer select downtown Pittsburgh venues, including most professional sports events, but your dollars can go quite far. Take a look at the convenient accommodations they offer to visitors to Pittsburgh and Greentree, and your dollar can stretch far.

More updates to this guide will come as we are constantly visiting new Pittsburgh hotels, so check back regularly for recommendations. If you are planning a trip or are planning to book, here is a list of hotels You know you have to pay later with Expedia or at a later date. For those of you who have a scheduled trip or plan to book it yourself, here is a way to know what you are expecting and what you will pay for later, at a later date.

If you want to see reviews of your favorite Pittsburgh hotels in a specific category, click on the hotel name to jump to the review. Start in downtown Pittsburgh, browse for hotel reviews sorted by neighborhood or region before you start reading.

Some popular neighbourhoods with hotels are: East End, South Side, West End and South End. Our favorite hotels include the Hilton Pittsburgh, Marriott Hotel and Suites by Hilton Hotel Pittsburgh.

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