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Today, Bank of America, the largest US bank by assets, announced that it will open its first branch in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the Hilton Garden Inn. The Bank of Virginia is seen here welcoming its newest Pittsburgh-area branch at the Hilton Gardens Inn on Monday, June 5, 2017.

The inn is just blocks from George Lucas International Airport and Allegheny County Courthouse. The Pittsburgh Museum of Art, Heinz Field Museum, Pittsburgh Zoo and Botanical Gardens are all within walking distance.

Built in 1893, this elegant building is one of the most beautiful hotels in the area, which is why the club often chooses to stay during its travels. Columbia and Montour Counties have long been known for their rich history and good food, but for many brides-to-be, love of groom is also crucial. The Chester - Philadelphia region has a number of great hotels and restaurants, as well as a variety of restaurants and bars. Centrally located in Montgomery County, the Bucks are within easy reach of guests, and the zoo is within walking distance of many of its attractions.

The hotel was designed by George B. Post & Son and is leased to one of the most prestigious hotels in the city, the Hilton Garden Inn. Located on the Main Line in Philadelphia, the venue features an indoor and outdoor garden - themed event spaces that reflect what a cycle looks like in a small wedding venue in Philadelphia. This room offers almost every wedding detail, which is why it is such a funky choice for a unique wedding location. There is nothing out there that you can't find in the rural setting of picturesque Harrisburg, but this is the perfect place for an intimate, intimate wedding or a more formal event.

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Menu at the Northside Inn Rochester Zomato can be viewed on the Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Downtown Facebook page and on Twitter @ HiltonGardenInRochester. menu on the north side of the Inn in Rochester, see it on our Facebook page and on our Twitter account @ TheNorthsideNrR Rochester. For the Southside Hotel menu in Pittsburgh's North Side, visit our Facebook page and Twitter at @ theSouthsideHotel.

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Guests can also rely on our community - Hilton Garden Inn team members who are oriented toward local events and restaurants. Learn more about the Northside Park hotel by checking your hotel guests on our North Park Guest Information page and on our hotel website.

If you want a healthy breakfast in an inviting Americana environment, the Northside Grill is a great place in Ann Arbor. Check out the variety of delicious food that goes with beer at the big game, or visit one of the many restaurants and bars in the area, such as Southside Bar & Grill.

Hilton Garden Inn Pittsburgh Downtown is the only hotel loyalty program that allows members to earn points and miles for blackout dates, a reward for every stay for the same stay. This is a great advantage for the hotel, and therefore all our guests can see why life at GardenTM is better with all the amenities and services offered at this location, including a full service fitness center, spa, fitness and wellness center, and a variety of other amenities.

If you like high-end hotels, these rooms may not be worth much as they are fairly standard amenities, but if you have come to appreciate the Hilton line during your travels, they have some familiar amenities that you will surely enjoy. They are of decent size and provide a perfect way to get to the hotel with great views of the Allegheny River and the Pittsburgh skyline.

Buying a Northside Inn Gift on Giftly is a great way to send money that can be exchanged for a gift card to Hilton Garden Inn on the north side of the hotel. Located on North Side Drive, the Quality Inn is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just blocks from the Allegheny River. Set in a large car park with plenty of parking, the indoor pool has a variety of amenities including a basketball court, tennis courts and a tennis court with pool house.

Located 25 minutes from Philadelphia in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just blocks from the Allegheny River, Stone Soup Inn offers a variety of amenities including an indoor pool, fitness center, outdoor pool and spa. Manor House is located on the top floor of the Hilton Garden Inn, 25 minutes outside Philadelphia. Featuring a fully equipped kitchen, dining room, spa and spa, this bed and breakfast is one of the most luxurious and luxurious hotels in the Pittsburgh area.

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