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We asked a local expert to share his tips for the best restaurants in Pittsburgh and asked him to give us tips for some of the good restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. Chef Scott Walton spent 20 years in restaurants in Chicago and moved to Pittsburgh in the late 1990s for his first job as a chef.

Located between Center Avenue and Highland Street, Dinette's has been offering the crispy pizza with artisan topping for nearly a decade.

Pretzels were invented in Europe in the Middle Ages, but they were brought here by German settlers, and Pennsylvania is responsible for producing both hard and soft varieties, from the Snyders in Hanover to Stromboli, invented in 1884 at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania. The Tasty Baking Company, founded in Philadelphia in 1914, created one of the first mass-produced snacks. Dumplings have a large following in Pittsburgh and can be ordered in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small and medium to large and large.

To learn more about grocery stores - free pantries in Pittsburgh and your district, call 412-460-3663. To learn more about food and free food in all Pittsburgh counties and the surrounding area, please call Pittsburgh's Food Bank of Allegheny County or the Pittsburgh Food Pantry at (412) 470-4500.

If you're in the Burgh, be sure to try some of the foods that you can only find in and around Steel City. While you could probably argue that Pierogi is not so good in this courtyard (and if so, about Pierogi Pizza), let me talk about it.

It's not greasy or overly cheesy, but Dinette knows exactly what to do when it comes to pizza - which is made in Pittsburgh. Rivalry aside, this must-visit spot, which has served the best pizza of its kind in the Pittsburgh area for decades since its founder immigrated to Pittsburgh from Sicily, is steeped in a sense of history and a deep love of the city's past and present.

It is safe to say that the city of Pittsburgh, in all its glory, is most appreciated because it is home to one of the best pizza delivery companies in the United States. It has been a national treat since 1978, and who could have imagined that so many of the things we take for granted today, like pizza, would come from Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh was once known for the steel and glass it seemed to produce in endless quantities. Pittsburgh holds the Guinness World Record for the largest steel production in a single year. Since 1986, when no one could imagine Eat at the Parks in its many locations, the city of Pittsburgh could never get enough of it, and other stadiums soon followed suit.

Heinz, founded in Sharpsburg, is headquartered in Pittsburgh and produces food in 57 different varieties, but is best known for ketchup. Although HeinZ Ketchup is no longer produced in Pittsburgh, history remains when you visit something served at one of the company's many stores in the Pittsburgh area. Most cities across the country have a famous chocolate shop, and for Pittsburgh, the store is Sarris Candies, based in Canonsburg. The Hein-Bowl, Hein-Schest and Clark-Bar are not the only mass-produced foods Pittsburgh is known for. No one will accuse him of telling you you are wrong, even though he is right.

Primanti Bros., founded in 1933 in the Strip District, has long offered late-night deals in its Pittsburgh stores.

Several locations It is not a traditional restaurant, but it is a must - eat If you're crashing a wedding to get a biscuit, it's worth it. Several eateries You are not the traditional restaurants to choose from, and there is no shortage of them in Pittsburgh. It is a place where you can eat everything - you - consume, eat, crash - get married - get a biscuit - eat and it is worth a visit.

Sign up for our daily Pittsburgh email and be the first to get all the food, drinks and fun in the steel city. Food supplies in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County, which provide food to anyone in need. If a pantry does not meet your needs, please refer to the Pittsburgh Food Pantry website or dial 412 - 394 - 4885. This site is not the only one of its kind, but it is the closest, so call and check.

Founded in Pittsburgh's Market Square in 1912, Wholey's, now located on Penn Avenue, has been one of the city's most popular restaurants for over 100 years. With its 1950s décor, Pamela's is a cash-only restaurant serving customers at six locations in Pittsburgh. This spacious Pittsburgh BYOB serves grilled meats and vegetables, as well as beer, wine, cocktails and beer and wine.

Throw a side of the famous lyonnaise and potatoes into the restaurant and you have a Pittsburgh breakfast you won't forget. The croissants are so good that you think you're in Paris, not Pittsburgh.

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