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There is no city in the US that does not celebrate, and Pittsburgh celebrates on July 4 with fireworks and festivities. Over 300 bands come to Deutschtown on July 4th to celebrate music, food, beer, fireworks and more.

Located just an hour outside Pittsburgh, the Winter Festival of Lights in Oglebay features more than 1,000 lights and a variety of Christmas decorations. The Winter Flower Show and Home for the Holidays will feature a magical carousel suspended over a pond, a cabin perched in a snowy vegetable forest, and living room scenes with plant furniture. The Greensburger Landchristmas offers a whole day of music, food, crafts, entertainment and more. There is a bespoke - built-in light show with dance and festive music played in the car on the radio, including live music from local bands and artists, as well as a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

This section of the guide will contain a list of events taking place each month, as well as links to keep you informed about other events and current exhibitions. To read the available reviews or visit the event website directly, click on the links provided.

As for Pittsburgh, we often hit back and take most of our free time with seasonal activities. As with all things, knowing when seasonal options are available is often the hardest thing. While events can take place on a specific date, seasonal attractions tend to be open for longer periods, giving you more options to plan a visit. For this guide, I wanted to help by providing monthly information about some of the most popular events in Pittsburgh. At the end of each month, I provide a list of all seasonal attractions for that month, as well as links to the event websites for each event.

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The host of this event is the city planning office, URA, to draw attention to the - and - upcoming districts in the region. It focuses on the chaotic side of science with live music, food trucks and a variety of interactive activities for children.

One of the largest beer festivals in the city, with local, national and international breweries. This beer festival celebrates black brewers as well as minorities - businesses in Pittsburgh and across the country. There are more than 50 breweries throughout western Pennsylvania offering live music, food trucks and a variety of interactive activities for children. One of our most important events, featuring all 50 breweries from Western Pennsylvania and more than 100 craft beers.

This festival celebrates the beginning of the Christmas season with spectacular fireworks, and it is often referred to as an event, although they are separate events. A second Christmas coincides with the anniversary of one of Pittsburgh's most popular holidays, Christmas Eve. Live the Dead and celebrate the cult film, shot in Pittsburgh in the late 1960s and early 1970s, with live music, food trucks and a variety of interactive activities for children.

Caribbean block party hosted by one of the best restaurants in town, Kaya, with live music, food trucks and more. This North Side Beer Festival features breweries, distilleries and wineries on the North Side. A party at Heinz Field with some of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh selected by Pittsburgh Magazine.

The downtown rink at PPG Place is an annual winter tradition that will continue in Pittsburgh in 2020. The skaters tie their laces and skate on the ice as the rink celebrates its 20th anniversary. Starting Friday, November 20, and ending Saturday, December 1 at 7 p.m., the Pittsburgh Zoo and the P PG Aquarium will host Zoo Lights for the first time.

There are many ways to celebrate the holiday season, whether in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County or even as far away as New York City. This year, there are more than 100 events in the Pittsburgh area, including a variety of festivals, concerts and other events for children and adults.

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