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The Pitt Panthers are an anomaly in college football, hosting home games at an NFL stadium. Every Pitt Panther usually wears a blue T-shirt that matches his home uniform, and the team gathers in the locker room after each game to celebrate the victory.

The team's routine has been updated with fresh settings on old favorites, but you will still find something for everyone in the lineup, even if a few new additions have been added to the roster.

Right, you can wear your Pitt clothes no matter where you are, even when you're not in the locker room. If you love Pitt clothes, you should definitely take them with you to the Panthers training camp next time.

If you're a graduate who has been connected to the team through triumph and heartbreak, or a Pitt student who proudly walks across campus, do so. Pitt sweatshirts and Pitt hoodies show that spirit, and their clothes reveal the tight-knit camaraderie that Pitt is. They are unique and perfect for home games and watching from the couch, but they are also great to watch from the couch.

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The Irish face the Pittsburgh Panthers for the first time at Heinz Field on Saturday, September 16 at 7: 30 p.m. The Irish are fighting for their third consecutive national title and first since 2009. It is the third meeting between the Irish and the Panthers in the last four years and the second time in Pittsburgh.

Most of the intermediate tests have been completed and the Irish will likely get a home win over Stanford and face Pittsburgh for the first time on Saturday, September 16 at 7: 30 p.m. at Heinz Field. Pittsburgh will have recovered from a Friday week and just played two tough games at Wisconsin and Stanford. Both Pittsburgh and Syracuse have a good record to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Syracuse returns to Heinz Field in Pittsburgh on Saturday, September 16 at 4: 30 p.m. and plays on the ACC Network. Pitt gets his first nationally televised game of the season against Notre Dame on Sunday, October 1, at 7 p.m. on the field.

Heinz Field holds nearly 70,000 fans and is very close to downtown, making it a perfect location for Pitt's first home game of the season. The Panthers will see fans return to the seats at Heinz Field for the first time this season, and the Panthers' first game in Pittsburgh in over a decade against Notre Dame.

Although no longer an annual event, Pitt's home schedule against ACC opponents guarantees the highest quality in college football. The Panthers' defense is legitimate, and their offensive line is significantly improved by a new head coach and offensive coordinator. Pittsburgh will test Notre Dame's offensive line, which was third nationally last season and sent nearly all of its starters back there. Pitt can capitalize on a brutal defense that has one of the best offensive lines in the country and has a talented quarterback in Deshaun Watson.

The Panthers and Irish are good for an October shocker, and Pitt has a knack of playing them tight, but Notre Dame can't get away with a win in front of a home crowd. The Panthers will have to win, however, as this is the ACC's only home game this season against a top-10 team.

Still, I didn't see them as a real threat until they faced a Navy team last season, so what Pitt is presenting is a bit exaggerated. I couldn't see the Panthers winning enough offense in that one, as Syracuse pulled away for a 71-59 victory.

On the flip side, Pitt's offense has amassed at least 300 yards total offense in each game this season. The Irish offensive line ran for 232 yards and threw for 106 more, but didn't find the end zone in the last two games and found it only once in the last three games. In fact, they still need to find an end zone this year, as they must to score at this point in a game.

At least a half-dozen players, including the QB who caught the winning pass, left the game with injuries, and the Panthers' round was over. Pitt played well and benefited from a couple of Miami passes that opened receivers who hit helpless DBs in the back. But Pitt was pulled for 117 yards on 10 of 19 passes, barely moved the ball and landed with deliberate safety.

Many Pitt fans may disagree with Narduzzi, thinking he is wrong about his team's performance, but not as wrong as many of them might think. Back from the Cardinals game in Pittsburgh, expect him to miss the UofL game against Wisconsin and the game in Wisconsin.

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